Imipramine (Tofranil) In Depressive States
A Controlled Trial with In-Patients
Charles Friedman, Vernon Hamilton, M. S. de Mowbray

Summary And Conclusions

  1. A controlled trial of Tofranil in the treatment of 50 cases of depression admitted to Springfield Hospital is described.

  2. In addition to the usual random distribution of cases into active drug and placebo groups, special reliability and validity safeguards were used.

  3. Taking all cases of depression together, it was found that patients on Tofranil had a significantly greater chance of improving than patients on placebo.

  4. Endogenous and involutional depressions benefited more from the drug than reactive ones, but the most severe cases, whatever their classification, failed to respond to the drug.

  5. Some of the difficulties inherent in therapeutic trials in depressive illness are discussed.

  6. It is concluded that Tofranil is of value in the treatment of less severe depressions, but in severe cases it would appear to be inferior to E.C.T. (Further comparisons between E.C.T. and Tofranil are indicated.).