Subjective Ideas of Sexual Change in Male Schizophrenics


Seventy male schizophrenics were compared with 45 male controls. The controls consisted of all the non-schizophrenic admissions to the same acute observation ward during the same six month period, with the exclusion of "organic" cases and subnormals.

The two groups were compared for their responses to questions about the following symptoms: changes in sexual interest and capability, genital hallucinosis, ideas of a change in size or shape of the genitalia and ideas of changing sex.

The schizophrenics were less likely than controls to report loss of sexual interest in women. Genital hallucinosis and delusions of sex change occurred in 30 per cent. and 27 per cent. respectively of the schizophrenics and had a close but not complete association with each other. These symptoms were absent in the controls and so may have some diagnostic value. Delusions of sex change were more likely to occur in the unmarried schizophrenic.