The Effects of LSD on Body Sway Suggestibility in a Group of Hospital Patients


Eleven neurotic, 15 depressed and 10 schizophrenic patients were each tested three times for body sway suggestibility. (1) 1½ hours after an injection of 75 µg. of LSD (2) 1½ hours after an injection of 1 c.c. of sterile water. (3) without an injection.

Statistical analysis of the results showed that differences between the scores of the three diagnostic categories were very significant.

The depressives had low scores in all three tests. Such a finding is regarded as of possible diagnostic value.

The neurotics showed an increase in body sway after the sterile water injection and an even greater response to LSD.

The schizophrenic group had generally high scores with, however, little evidence of a relationship between swaying and tape recorded suggestions, in contrast to the neurotics whose tracings have a high frequency of positive effects related closely in time to specific suggestions to sway forward or back.