Subjective Ideas of Sexual Change in Female Schizophrenics


Fifty-seven female schizophrenics were compared with 79 female controls. The controls consisted of all the non-schizophrenic admissions to the same acute observation wards during the same three month period, with the exclusion of "organic" cases and subnormals.

The two groups were compared for their responses to questions about the following symptoms: changes in sexual interest, genital hallucinosis, ideas of change in size or shape of the genitalia and ideas of changing sex.

Compared with controls the schizophrenics were more likely to be single. They were also more likely to retain their sexual interest, to exhibit genital hallucinosis, to express delusions of change of size or shape of the genitalia and to express delusions of changing sex, these last four factors being closely associated with each other. The menopause was not a significant factor.