The British Journal of Psychiatry
The Usefulness of the Clinical Tests of the Sensorium


The clinical tests of the sensorium, in three equivalent forms, have been used three times each in a balanced order on 108 psychiatric patients and 40 patients without mental disorder. Other intelligence tests and clinical ratings were also used. The small group of patients with organic brain syndromes gave significantly poorer results in many, but not all, of the tests. There was some support for the hypothesis that general intelligence would affect performance, as also the length of education, age, test repetition and disorders of mood. In the discussion and review of these tests it is suggested that the tests of Orientation and General Information are clinically useful, the Serial Sevens and selected tests of recall, especially those involving a period of delay, have a value; but Reversing the Days of the Week and the Digit Span test could be omitted from the CTS