Suicide in Brighton


(1) Coroner's inquests on 210 suicides committed during the years 1963-1969 were examined. Further figures were made available for Brighton from the year 1950. A twenty year assessment of suicide trends in Brighton was available.

(2) A comparison was made between the incidence of suicides in England and Wales and those among residents in Brighton. Both incidences revealed similar trends; especially a decline over the years 1965-1969.

(3) Brighton's incidence is almost twice the national incidence, and this is attributed to the large numbers of elderly persons in a borough where 25.7 per cent of the population is over the age of 60, as compared with 18 per cent for England and Wales.

(4) Previous histories indicated a high incidence of physical illness (29.4 per cent), of mental illness (50.6 per cent), and of complaints of depression (70 per cent) and insomnia (60 per cent).

(5) Closer liaison and co-operation between general practitioners and local authority mental welfare officers would seem to be essential to further reduce the incidence of suicide.

(6) A more serious appraisal of symptoms of depression by general practitioners is stressed.