The Guy's/Age Concern survey. Prevalence rates of cognitive impairment, depression and anxiety in an urban elderly community.
J Lindesay, K Briggs, E Murphy


A sample of 890 people aged 65 years and over living at home in the Lewisham and North Southwark Health District was interviewed using a structured schedule containing CARE organic brain syndrome and depression scales, and items dealing with anxiety symptoms. Total prevalence rates were 4.6% for cognitive impairment, 13.5% for depression, 3.7% for generalised anxiety, and 10.0% for phobic disorders. Cognitive impairment increased exponentially with age, and was associated with lower occupational class. There was no significant association between occupational class and depression, generalised anxiety, or phobic disorder in this sample. Cognitive impairment, depression and agoraphobia were associated with significantly higher levels of dependency in the tasks of daily living.