The British Journal of Psychiatry
Predictors of psychiatric morbidity in cancer patients.
J Harrison, P Maguire


BACKGROUND A significant proportion of cancer patients experience psychiatric morbidity in association with diagnosis and treatment. If this morbidity is to be reduced, a better understanding is needed of the factors which influence adjustment to cancer.

METHOD A review of the literature was carried out to explore those factors associated with poor psychological adjustment to cancer. These are described under four heading: characteristics of the patient; disease and treatment variables; the interaction between patient and illness; and environmental factors.

RESULTS A number of risk factors for psychiatric morbidity can be identified from each of the four areas. Methodological limitations are highlighted, in particular the preponderance of cross-sectional study designs.

CONCLUSIONS Increased awareness of the risk factors for psychiatric morbidity should lead to earlier detection and more appropriate treatment. Future research should focus on those risk factors which are potentially modifiable.