Personality disorder and suicide. A case-control study.
A T Cheng, A H Mann, K A Chan


BACKGROUND The relationships between personality disorders and suicide were investigated among two aboriginal groups and the Han Chinese in East Taiwan.

METHOD Biographical reconstructive interviews were conducted for consecutive suicides from each of the three ethnic groups (116 suicides in total), 113 of whom were matched with two controls for age, gender, and area of residence.

RESULTS In all three groups, a high proportion of suicides suffered from ICD-10 personality disorder before suicide (46.7-76.7%), and the most prevalent category was emotionally unstable personality disorder (F60.3) (26.7-56.7%). The risk for suicide was mainly significantly associated with F60.3, comorbidity among personality disorders, and comorbidity of personality disorder with other psychiatric disorders, particularly severe depression.

CONCLUSION The main category of personality disorder significantly associated with the risk of suicide is F60.3 in ICD-10. The risk is highest for a comorbidity of this category and severe depression.