Background Currently, without systematic evidence, psychotherapy for anorexia nervosa in adults draws on psychodynamic, cognitive and systemic theories.

Aims To assess effectiveness of specific psychotherapies in out-patient management of adult patients with anorexia nervosa.

Method Eighty-four patients were randomised to four treatments: three specific psychotherapies — (a) a year of focal psychoanalytic psychotherapy; (b) 7 months of cognitive—analytic therapy (CAT); (c) family therapy for 1 year — and (d) low contact, ‘routine’ treatment for 1 year (control).

Results At 1 year, there was symptomatic improvement in the whole group of patients. This improvement was modest, several patients being significantly undernourished at follow-up. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy and family therapy were significantly superior to the control treatment; CAT tended to show benefits.

Conclusions Psychoanalytic and family therapy are of specific value in the out-patient treatment of adult patients with anorexia.

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