Dopamine transporter occupancy by methylphenidate and impulsivity in adult ADHD
Cleo L. Crunelle, Wim van den Brink, Geert Dom, Jan Booij
  • Declaration of interest

    W.v.d.B. received fees from Eli Lilly unrelated to the present work. G.D. received fees from Lundbeck, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly unrelated to the present work. J.B. has received consultancy payments from GE Healthcare.


Impulsivity is a multidimensional construct, including impulsive decision-making and impulsive action, representing relatively independent neurocircuitries. ADHD is treated with methylphenidate, a drug that binds to dopamine transporters. This study in 24 adult male patients with ADHD shows that dopamine transporter occupancy by methylphenidate in the putamen correlates with improvements in cognitive but not in motor impulsivity.


  • Funding

    Grant to W.v.d.B. from ZonMW.

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