Table 1

Neuropsychological performance of patients with major depression and bipolar disorder (manic phase) on memory tests taken from the Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB)

Manic phase of bipolar disorder Depression
Data for patients with bipolar disorder (manic phase) taken from Murphy et al (1999); data for patients with depression taken from Elliott et al (1996).
✗ , impaired; ✓, unimpaired; (i) independent of delay or level of difficulty (i.e. equally impaired at all delays).
MTS, matching-to-sample.
Pattern recognition — proportion correct
Pattern recognition — latency
Spatial recognition — proportion correct
Spatial recognition — latency
Simultaneous MTS — proportion correct
Simultaneous MTS — latency
Delayed MTS — proportion correct ✗ (i) ✗ (i)
Delayed MTS — latency ✗ (i) ✗ (i)