Table 3

Regions showing increased activation in controls compared with FH+ for the linear contrast positive v. neutral words

Region Hemisphere Brodmann area Talairach coordinatesaZb Cluster sizec
FH+, young person with parent with depression who has not had depression themselves.
a. Coordinates refer to the position (x, y and z, mm) for the peak voxel in each cluster according to the Montreal Neurological Institute template.
b. Clusters determined at an initial threshold of Z=2.0 and a corrected spatial extent of P=0.05.
c. Cluster size in voxels.
Anterior cingulate Right 24/32 2 26 18 3.30 729
Thalamus Left -6 -8 10 3.58 1998
Superior frontal gyrus Left 10 -6 60 -2 3.73 656
Precuneus Left 19 -2 -70 40 3.41 498