Table 1

Univariable associations with life view: sociodemographics (n = 7403)

CharacteristicsNeither religious or spiritualSpiritualReligiousP
Male, %554443<0.001
Age, years: %<0.001
Ethnicity, %<0.001
    White British938674
    White non-British466
    South Asian129
    Mixed or Other234
Education, %<0.001
    No qualifications252130
    School or foreign qualifications514639
    Post-school qualifications243230
Civil status, %<0.001
Social support, mean20.020.220.3<0.001
Strength of religious understanding, meana6.27.0<0.001
Importance of religious practice, meana4.46.2<0.001
  • a. Only applicable for those who are religious or spiritual.