Table 2

Univariable associations with life view: outcomes (n = 7403)

Neither religious or spiritualSpiritualReligiousP
Drug use
    Ever used drugs323016<0.001
    Used any drug in the past year12115<0.001
    Drug dependent452<0.001
        Dependent on cannabis341<0.001
        Dependent on another drug (+/– cannabis)111
Hazardous drinker302317<0.001
Problem gambling0.
Post-traumatic stress disorder3330.527
Eating attitudes
    SCOFF ≥27950.001
    SCOFF score ≥2 and food interferes with lifea2210.646
Psychosis Screening Questionnaire
    Definitely psychotic0.
    Probably psychotic0.
Clinical Interview Schedule
    Panic disorder1110.618
    Generalised anxiety disorder4540.079
    Mixed anxiety/depressive disorder81080.154
    Obsessive–compulsive disorder110.80.127
    Any phobia2320.055
    Any neurotic disorder1619150.011
    Very happy393940
    Fairly happy535252
    Not too happy898
Receiving pharmacological treatment5760.026
Receiving counselling/therapy3320.360
  • a. ≥2 on the SCOFF questionnaire and an affirmative reply to whether or not the eating difficulties has a serious impact on their lives.